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Premium car rentals for your family

Providing car rentals for your personal ease of use

We focus on quality discerning and image conscious clients. Our high-end product offering includes Mercedes Benz and BMW family sized vehicles.

These cars are well maintained and offer optimal client comfort. The impressive vehicles are supported by an equally impressive client engagement experience.

The rental deal is structured around the client’s needs.

Our services include an optional chauffeur.

Comfort and refinement are the standout features. There’s just a neat, confidence-inspiring balance when you’re inside the car. The cabin is well insulated from wind and road noise, with a quiet, refined quality that adds to the feeling of luxury. It has a way of making you feel a little more special than your average compact luxury sedan would.

It has always done the business as the car for every kind of person people: a well-built, sporty, rear-wheel-drive saloon. Quietness and refinement are first rate, especially from the engine and wind noise. It’s not a sports car, but among normal-peoples’ saloons you won’t find one that’s much more fun.

Uncompromising on style and performance, the H1 is as eye-catching as it is efficient. Built to the highest quality standards both inside and out, it’s the go-to bus for work or leisure. The H-1 proves you don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake of performance. Whether you’re taking your larger-than-most family from A to B, showing visitors the sights in your city or embarking on that dream holiday with friends, the H-1 has all the comfort, safety and power to make the journey world-class. 

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