About Us

What We Do & How We Do It

The Value of Our Services

Carissa Financial Services organically grew into its current offering. 

As such, our boutique solution, which combines Fleet Management, Car Hire and Funeral Assistance Plans, is mature in its understanding of client needs and market fluctuations. 

Our approach to Fleet Management, allows us to provide our clients with well assessed vehicles that completely address their fleet needs. 

We specifically cater our fleet offering for special events and funerals. We ensure that our client needs, and requirements are managed with due care and consideration. We offer high end family sized fleet cars as well as luxury combis. 

We offer a niche approach to Car Hire. Our offering is high-end and posh. We focus on quality discerning and image conscious clients. Our high-end product proposition includes Mercedes Benz and BMW family sized vehicles.

In response to the rising costs of funerals, we at Carissa Financial Services, offer our clients a bespoke Funeral Assistance Plan.

This savings plan supports our well appreciated clients when they deal with untimely family departures. We know that as humans we are never entirely ready to say goodbye to our loved ones but having the resources to provide them with a dignified departure does make it easier.

Our savings offering is totally aligned to the disposable income realities of our community members.

The Value of


Our people are key. At Carissa Financial Services we enjoy the warmth of a family atmosphere. Ensuring staff-member job satisfaction and growth has had such a great spinoff for our business. Staff happiness is a key value, enshrined in our business constitution. Our clients enjoy the warmth of our staff when they engage us.


Honest: Our word is our Honour. What we agree to in word or ink is converted into reality. This is done at all costs.

Reliable: We consistently arrive on time with the right product and the same level of predictable professionalism.

Relevant: We ensure that our products are current and are of great quality and comfort.

People: We invest in our people. They are our joy.

Innovation: We ensure that our clients enjoy up to date tools.

Strategic & Consultative

Carissa Financial Services organically grew into its current offering.

Our Financial Services are mature in their understanding of client needs and market fluctuations.

This calculated approach has strategically and operationally combined our competitive advantage, which is best described as an optimally flexible service solution.

To enable total flexibility, we adopted a consultative approach, which is linked to an unprecedented standard of client convenience.

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